iPinPay - new AUD$19.99

Turn your iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal

With iPinPay you can turn your iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal for processing your customers’ credit cards Pin Payments. You no longer need to go through a bank, set up a merchant facility and then a payment gateway like our previous app iCCPay.

Please note that the iPinPay app is a 3rd party product, and not an official product of Pin Payments.


  • Turns your iPhone into a Credit Card Terminal
  • Quick setup, punch in your company name and your Pin Payments Secret API Key (we recommend you do a copy/paste as it is long) and you are up and running!
  • All data is transmitted securely over SSL and credit card numbers are not stored on your iPhone
  • Credit cards are processed live for fast instant feedback of approved or declined transactions
  • Capture cardholder’s signature
  • History log to quickly look at what transactions you have made in the past and to view signatures
  • Email transactions
  • Refunds
  • Supports multiple accounts if you have more than one business, and for test/live accounts
  • Requires Edge, 3G or WiFi internet connection
  • Multi currency support for AUD and USD
  • Please remember that additional information of Description, Email, Card Name, Address, City, Postcode, State and Country are mandatory


You need an account with Pin Payments to process credit cards with iPinPay. There are no extra fees associated with using iPinPay after purchase, only the Pin Payments fees.


iPinPay facilitates compliance with the PCI DSS through Pin Payments as it is a PCI DSS compliant gateway. Please click here to learn the steps we have taken to protect your security.

  • iPinPay connects directly to pin.net.au using commercial-grade SSL encryption of 128-bit or higher and never passes through any other intermediary server
  • There is no sensitive card holder data ever retained
  • Cardholder name, card expiry, and the first 4 and last 4 digits of the credit card are only retained
  • CVV numbers are never retained
  • iPinPay will never ask for a card PIN number, all transactions are performed as a “card not present” internet transaction
  • API Secret Key’s and passwords are encrypted inside the iPhone’s keychain
  • iPinPay can be PIN protected if you want it to ask for a PIN number before the application launches (which is also encrypted inside the iPhone’s keychain)

What our customers are saying:

iPinPay is developed by the makers who built iCCPay

We can strongly recommend this professional app for any company that wish to make it easier by being able to charge credit cards directly via your smartphone or table pc. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers. We rate it 5 out of 5.

Team Swedish Healing Mat

This is a fabulous and first application that could be used to charge credit cards on the move, never easier and never faster and cheaper than the old bulky terminals supplied by the bank at a monthly rental cost.

For my Architecture Corporation this is a good and cheap terminal and cheaper only $350 on eWay. As Architecture Corporation doesn't get stable customers.

I will recommend this fabulous application to all my Business Partners I am with and friends that own a business.

Thanks again for inventing such application.

Kind Regards
Peter Buksinski
ArchitCorp, Oscorp.

Sugared Accessories were looking for a way to accept credit card payments at our market stall, just like we do on our website. iCCPay was the perfect solution, allowing us to use our existing online payment gateway to process credit cards while out in the field. Using our iPhone as a terminal saved us the extra cost of hiring one from our bank. Also, all our payments come in through a single system, making it easy to produce sales reports. I'd recommend iCCPay for anyone looking to accept payments offline as well as online.

Ryan Sabir
IT Director
Sugared Accessories

Fabulous easy tool for my business, charge clients credit cards, anywhere, anytime and iCCPay support is fantastic, seriously if you are a business person, buy this now.

Hair Extension Supplies

Thanks for this App. 5 Stars

by OZiphoner
I have created an account with Eway.com.au and App works....Great work.

iCCPay in the Press / Media:

iPinPay is developed by the makers who built iCCPay

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20th September 2012
The rise in payments taken via mobile phone is big – and growing – business worldwide, as evidenced by the huge capital raise by US venture Square this week that values it at $3.25 billion. iCCPay is a little different from Square, which provides a device to sit on top of your smartphone that you can use to swipe customer credit cards.
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24th July 2012
We recently had an interview with Michael from iCCPay. iCCPay is a revolutionary mobile phone payment gateway that allows you to process customer’s credit card payment from anywhere. It is simple to use and has been adopted by businesses and companies all over the world. Take a look at what Michael had to say:
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Taking Payment ... Recommended payment tools: ... iCCPay ... (credit card payments via your iPhone)
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iCCPay - Essentially this app allows you to enter a user’s credit card details by hand to manually process the payment.
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Mobile payments taking off

26th November 2010
Other independent card acceptance apps are finding the going tough to reach critical mass. iCCPay, which costs $9.49 through the Apple app store, was launched in January and has sold 125 apps to date.
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ANZ Credit Card Payment App for iPhone

19th April 2010
ePOS Mobile will compete with the independent app iCCPay which was developed by freelance web developer Michael Dimoudis and launched into the App Store in January.
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ANZ introduces ePOS for mobile phone payments

16th April 2010
It is the first such application to be trialed by a major bank in Australia, but will compete with iCCPay, an independent app developed by freelance web developer Michael Dimoudis and launched into the App Store in January.
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I gave a workshop today to a small group of psychologists in the southern district of Melbourne called Mornington, about an hour's drive from my home.
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iCCPay supports independent gateways

9th March 2010
Melbourne based web developer, Michael Dimoudis, from webpanache.com.au has got the jump on Australia's banks with the a payment gateway for the iPhone, iCCPay.
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16 ways to make doing business a little easier.

2nd March 2010
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12th February 2010
For Australians, you could try iCCPay, which boasts similar features and supports Australian payment gateways and currency.
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