Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start using iPinPay?

You need to have an account with Pin Payments. Back to questions list


iPinPay costs AUD$19.99, are there any other ongoing costs?

iPinPay has a once off download price of AUD$19.99 via Apple’s iTunes AppStore. After that there are only Pin Payment's fees and charges. Please view Pin Payment's website for more information. Back to questions list


Is iPinPay secure?

Yes, please click here to see what steps we have taken to protect your security and your customer’s security.Back to questions list


Do I need to be connected to the internet to use iPinPay?

Yes, iPinPay talks directly to Pin Payments, so you must be connected to the internet via 3G/4G, EDGE or WiFi to use iPinPay.

It should only take a few seconds to process a credit card. If the transaction is taking longer, over a minute, your internet connection must have dropped out, or you are in a bad coverage area. Please press the home button to close iPinPay, load up mobile Safari and browse a web site to make sure you have internet access, and then try processing the credit card again. Make sure you have not charged your customer twice by logging into your Pin Payments account on their website and double checking.Back to questions list


What are the minimum required fields to process a credit card?

Unfortunately with Pin Payments, every single field INCLUDING the 'More Info' tabb MUST be all filled out prior to processing a transaction. Recodring signiture's however is totally optional.Back to questions list

Required fields are:

  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Transaction Amount in AUD or USD
  • CVV number
  • A description
  • Email
  • Credit Card Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Postcode
  • State
  • Country


Do I need to collect a signature when processing a credit card?

No you do not, a signature is always optional.Back to questions list


Does iPinPay work as a “Card Present” or “Card Not Present” terminal?

iPinPay works as a “Card Not Present” terminal, similar to accepting credit cards over the internet.Back to questions list


What do I need to send an e-mail receipt?

To send an e-mail receipt through iPinPay, your iPhone MUST already be configured to send/receive e-mails through the mail app. iPinPay uses your own iPhone’s mail account to send e-mails.Back to questions list


I have set up PIN security on iPinPay and I forgot it, so I can’t use the app!

Please contact support and we’ll be able to assist you.Back to questions list


Does iPinPay support multiple currencies?

Yes, iPinPay supports AUD and USD currencies. More currencies will be added once Pin Payments sadds support for them. Back to questions list


Does iPinPay offer a card reader/swiper?

No, you must punch in the credit card number. We have no plans to support a reader/swiper.Back to questions list